ESSENS Home Pharmacy Bestseller Set – food supplements


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ESSENS Home Pharmacy Bestseller Set – food supplements

Set contains:

  • Flow`EN
  • Head`ES
  • Vitamin C

Flow`EN, 30 tablets – It contains standardised plant extracts in a suitable proportion – chestnut extract, black pepper and vitamin C. If used regularly, these natural active substances have a positive influence on the proper circulation of blood in veins and vascular capillaries. ESSENS Flow‘EN can be used to reduce the feeling of tingling and weight in legs. To reduce the occurrence of night cramps in legs. As a prevention of the origin of cardiovascular diseases.

Head`ES, 30 tablets – It contains Coenzyme Q10, B vitamins as well as the standardised vegetable extracts of Ginkgo biloba and black pepper fruit in a suitable proportion. Helps reduce headache. Contributes to an increase in brain activity. Ginkgo biloba contributes to the microcirculation of the circulatory system, helps to maintain good memory and improves mental capability.

Vitamin C, 60 tablets – Vitamin C plays important functions in the human body, it is necessary for life and for maintaining body health. The important role of its function is played during its creation of collagen which leads to smooth skin and a youthful appearance. ESSENS Vitamin C is micronized, which ensures fast absorption into the body with fast effects. Glycyrrhizin, the liquorice extract, suppresses the activity of enzymes and increases the effectiveness and entry of vitamin C into the body. The buffered form ensures the protection of teeth and mucous membranes of digestive tracts from an otherwise acidic vitamin.


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