How many hours after delivery is colostrum collected?

Essens Colostrum is collected as a rule from the first yield (first milk yield the moment after the calf is born).
Usually two milk yields occur within the first 12 hours. The second milk yield, however, contains about 47% to 53% less immunoglobulins than the first and with following yields the content is further reduced. Therefore, if competition guarantees the first 12 hours, they forgo further yields. With ESSENS Colostrum we guarantee our source is solely from the first milk yield.

How is colostrum processed immediately after collection?

The first yield of colostrum is collected into a special sealable container, which is then gently super-cooled to a temperature of -9 ° C in order to avoid contamination of the raw material. At this temperature it is subsequently also stored (up to 5 days) at each rearing farm, with which we cooperate before being collected by manufacturers.

Isn’t a calf deprived of this rare colostrum when it’s collected?

A cow usually produces around 4 liters of milk (or colostrum) per yield. It is observed that a calf after birth usually consumes about one liter of the volume of milk yield. Our containers for collecting colostrum have a volume of 3 l, thereby leaving a sufficient quantity for a calf’s need. Further milk yields remain solely for the mother’s care to the benefit of her calf.

How does the processing in Ingredia work?

ESSENS Colostrum does not undergo pasteurization.
After transportation to the manufacturer, all containers are brought to room temperature and each individually subjected to chemical analysis
– Content of protein is determined, which also verifies that it is a first yield.
– Any potential inhibitions (residues of antibiotics in the case of any treated cows) are identified and if the analysis is positive (in the case of ESSENS colostrum, tolerance is zero), the container is not released for further processing.
– Then pH is measured
– Microbiology is next tested where microbiological parameters are evaluated (total count of microorganisms, yeast and molds, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and coliform germs) + analysis (dried matter, total protein, lactose, fat and IgG content). What is decisive for consumers is the value of immunoglobulin G (IgG). With ESSENS Colostrum it cannot be less than 41%.
– Then the content of containers, that met strict control, is mixed together.
– After this microfiltration follows (duplication of check-up), which is a perfect, yet gentle process of removing contaminants (pathogens) while maintaining all the valuable components of colostrum. The principle of microfiltration is that the molecules of contaminants have a greater volume, and are thus captured by filtration. Based on the same fact excess fat molecules are also captured (defatting process).
– The next step is drying by spraying, ending with colostrum in a powder state is collected in a collection container.
– Then homogenization follows, which is the mixing together of several production batches (approximately three-day production).

Does ESSENS colostrum contain casein?

ESSENS Colostrum prides itself on the fact that the final product retains a natural content of casein. Laboratory tests and research show that unprocessed bovine colostrum contains 15% proteins of which 70% is casein. Besides the high protein content, casein is also a source of a broad spectrum of amino acids (20 kinds). These amino acids are necessary for the formation and regeneration of muscle mass. Along with the growth factors contained in colostrum, they ensure cell renewal of all body tissue (excluding brain tissue). Without casein the resulting product loses this ability.

How is it with certification of ESSENS Colostrum products?

To properly understand the certification processes with food supplements such as capsules with colostrum or gels for drinking with Aloe Vera, it is necessary to know that there are two levels of certification.
– First, there is certification of raw materials (colostrum, Aloe Vera gel – juice), this being absolutely crucial and most important.
– Secondly, there is certification of the product itself, where in many cases it is possible to obtain this certification, without the product being produced from perfect and quality ingredients. In case competitive companies present certification of their final product issued by a private certification company, it does not mean that the initial raw materials are high quality and this even fails to prove the source of raw materials.
Our production is covered by the company Ingredia, which, in the production of colostrum, is an exclusive partner of the company Ekomilk which in turn is the only producer of colostrum in the Czech Republic that holds the identification of manufacturers (CZ 704) managed in each EU country by its relevant ministry of agriculture, being a non-commercial independent institution (certification cannot be bought). It is thus identification administered by the European Union, where the holder is registered in the whole European system of legal entities subject to quality control, manufacturing and technological processes with regular check-ups and continuous monitoring. Ingredia, in the production of colostrum, is also the exclusive partner of the company Favea which in turn, as a pharmaceutical company (producer of pharmaceuticals), is GMP certified under the auspices of WHO – World Health Organization and HACCP – Hazard Analysis and determination of Critical Control Points under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of Czech Republic in accordance with EU directives.
Our final product ESSENS Colostrum is registered and certified under the Ministry of Agriculture of Czech Republic. This certification clearly and officially declares the composition of the product especially IgG content. The production process of ESSENS Colostrum is under continuous inspection by the Veterinary Services and the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.

Does our product contain gluten?

Colostrum does not contain gluten (gluten is a protein contained in cereals, which does not occur naturally in milk).

How are the cows, producing colostrum, kept and fed? Is it a special type of stock or is colostrum taken from all cows in the country and then processed specifically for Essens?

Colostrum is taken from cows kept in the Moravian-Silesian region, from contracted farmers who are under continuous veterinary supervision. The cows eat standard food as required by their usual feeding schemes.

Hello, I am happy to see this product in the Essens range. We started using colostrum with my husband, following the instructions closely, but despite its high quality our bodies reacted quite wildly. Pains in the underbelly gradually expanded to the midsection and kidneys, headache and a temperature of 37.5°C.

Please try taking colostrum after meals.

What is the content of vitamins and minerals in mg per capsule?

The content is minimal and colostrum has no effect on dosages of vitamins or minerals. Its own content due to its dosage is very low. It is valued for the proteins it contains (immunoglobulins, lactoferin).

My friend’s son is on antibiotics and has “golden staphylococcus” in his throat. The doctor said he should refrain from all milk products when taking antibiotics and his mother is worried about using colostrum. What is your opinion?

Milk and antibiotics do often interact badly. However, compared to milk the dose of colostrum is very low. Ideally best is to ensure as long time periods as possible between the administration of antibiotics and colostrum. For instance if you take antibiotics in mornings and evenings, you can take colostrum at lunchtime.

Does colostrum have any effect if I break the capsule and use just its contents? I want to give it to a young child under 3 years who is unable to swallow the capsule.

Yes, of course – you can break the capsule and mix its contents with food or a lukewarm drink.

I would like to ask how many colostrum capsules I should give to my 11-year-old daughter who weighs 56 kg. She often suffers from tonsillitis, has asthma, and probably some metabolic disorder because she keeps gaining weight. Could colostrum help with this problem, especially with the weight?

You can give 2 capsules per day. Her immunity will definitely be strengthened and the number of infections will drop. Regarding the weight problem – this is a completely different issue and there could be many reasons: wrong diet, insufficient physical activity, hormonal disorders. Colostrum certainly is not intended for slimming.

Hello, I have a question regarding colostrum and diabetes. My father’s diabetes has rapidly worsened; he does not have to take insulin injections but he is on medication. He suffers from stomach pains and his overall health condition is poor, he has some problems with his kidneys. I would like to ask if colostrum could help him to lower the sugar levels and to generally improve his condition.

Colostrum definitely cannot lower the sugar level but is capable of supporting immunity (resistance to infections). It definitely can help improve his general condition but it must be taken for 2 – 3 months to have any effect.

I would like to know if this food supplement can help fight chronic bronchitis and infections.

Yes, it definitely can. Colostrum supports the immune system and protects the body from infections or reduces the time of treatment.

I gave birth a week ago. Can I use colostrum? Do you have any recommendations regarding its effect on migraines?

You can use colostrum. We have no knowledge regarding its effects on migraine.

I would like to know the best dosage of Colostrum for increasing muscle growth in sports. My son is 24, his height is 195 cm and weight 112 kg.

Colostrum is not intended to promote muscle growth, but to support immunity. You need to use other supplements to grow muscles.

Can you please compare colostrum to chlorella and young barley?

It is an incomparable comparison to make. Young barley and chlorella are plants, therefore they contain vitamins, minerals and some proteins. Colostrum is of animal origin and besides protein, lactose, minerals and vitamins it contains immunoglobulins, which are most certainly absent in chlorella and barley. Colostrum also contains other important enzymes like lactorerrin (anti-cancer effects), lactoperoxidase (bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect), as well as many growth factors that are important for the regeneration of cells. The mechanisms of effects are therefore completely different. Barley and chlorella can be used as a source of vitamins and minerals and colostrum is used to support immunity.

Can colostrum be taken with hot drinks?

Immunoglobulins are destroyed at 60°C, so your drink therefore should not exceed this temperature.

I would like to ask why is colostrum not recommended for children under 3 years?

You can of course give colostrum to young children. The very first food a newborn receives from its mother is colostrum. This is stated on the packaging because legislation requires it (medications and food supplements cannot be tested on children under 3 and pregnant women), however the reason is purely legislative.

Is colostrum addictive? Why do you recommend interrupting its usage for 1 – 2 months?

Colostrum is not addictive (it is, in fact, just food). You can take it all year round because it is significant for prevention.

I would like to ask about the new products containing colostrum, specifically the shower gel. Can this gel be used also for intimate hygiene and in this case, does it have any beneficial effects?

In general it is recommended to wash intimate areas with only water. Nothing bad will happen if you use the gel, but you need to be careful not to overuse any washing products because this may kill the lactobacillus that naturally resides in these body parts which maintains an acidic pH.

Do colostrum cosmetics contain paraben?

Cosmetics with colostrum are PARABEN-FREE.

Can colostrum be given to children with diabetes? This year my 10-year-old niece was diagnosed with diabetes type I. and is under standard treatment – she gets insulin injections four times per day. Can colostrum have any beneficial action in her condition?

Colostrum has a very low glycemic index and the dose is very low, therefore it is SUITABLE also for diabetes sufferers.

Can colostrum cause constipation?

Colostrum CANNOT cause constipation. In many cases constipation is caused by a change of environment, travel, frequent neuroses, general digestive disorders, slow bowel motion, etc. However, such constipation usually does not last long and disappears naturally or can be easily remedied.

Can colostrum shower gel be used by an 18-month-old toddler? His skin on the back was red, I didn’t know what caused it and I used the colostrum gel, hoping that the redness would go away. After three days of using the colostrum gel the skin got actually even worse. I don’t know if this is some reaction that would go away after a few days or if this gel is not recommended for children.

We have no information about this gel irritating the skin. On the contrary, with irritability tests this was the best product. You should look for the cause of the redness (clothing, mechanical rubbing, reaction to some food…). There could be many reasons but the risk of colostrum shower gel is minimal.

I would like to ask if you could recommend your colostrum body lotion to mothers with young children.

Yes of course, it can be recommended.

I would kindly like to ask you whether colostrum can be used and in what dosage, by a patient whose body is half paralysed. He moves but severely trembles. He is on several medications at the moment and I was asked to send you the list and get your opinion. The list includes the following medications: Hedrol, Calcium, Loseprasol, PK-Merta, Liskantin, Muran, Spasmet, # Galmed, Sirdalud. I recommended our Colostrum to help the body regenerate and thus improve the overall condition. Can you please recommend a suitable dosage? When can we expect any improvements of his health?

Good morning, I see no collision with the given medications. The suitable dose would be 1 capsule in the evening with plenty of drink.

I have a question regarding Colostrum. My colleague is 33 and has suffered from psoriasis since giving birth. She has this on her hands, palms, scalp, and the nape. Do you think that colostrum pills could help her?

Good day, yes, colostrum could help. It is very individual, because psoriasis can be caused by different things (genetics, immunity, external factors …). If the reason is immunity colostrum could help. It is definitely worth trying.

I am interested in recommendations regarding the use of colostrum after spinal surgery. Does it have any effect or not?

Colostrum could help if you also suffer any infectious diseases or digestive disorders. Colostrum is not a painkiller; it would not alleviate pain or eliminate degenerative changes.

Hello, can you please tell me if diabetic patients should take colostrum permanently or in what doses and how long the period of use should be? I mean the people who need insulin injections as well as those who are just under medical supervision.

Diabetic patients can take colostrum permanently, they can take a spring or autumn treatment (2 packs), and they can take it occasionally with acute illnesses (with the necessity to increase the dose to 6 – 8 capsules per day). It always depends on the individual state of health – if someone suffers infections frequently I would recommend long-term use, if a cold is caught only during the winter season I recommend starting about 1 month before the usual outbreak of epidemics.

Are Essens Colostum products tested on animals?

Products of the Colostum Essens are not tested on animals.

Does Colostrum Essens contain lactic acid?

Lactic acid is not present in Essens colostrum. Lactic acid forms with the lactic fermentation of sugars in the absence of air, e.g. in milk, cheese or sauerkraut. It has nothing in common with milk other than with its name.

Does Essens Colostrum contain lactose?

Essens Colostrum contains lactose, but in view of their content in the capsule, it is only a minute amount. Problems should not arise and intolerance may occur only very rarely.

It is possible to produce Essens yogurt at half a dose? I.e. half a bag with probiotics and a half a liter of milk?

In principle, you can halve the dose. An opened package must however be put in the fridge and consumed as soon as possible (up to 2 days).

My friend has thyroid problems, a lot of allergies – dust, pollen, dust mites and has also high blood pressure. Can Essens Colostrum be used and how? I believe that in some cases it’s better to use Essens Colostrum in the morning.

For allergies, which are caused among other reasons also by a high level of inherent immunity of a patient, Essens Colostrum will act as IMUNOMODULANT, which means it will reduce “overexcited” immunity to optimum levels. In this case it is indeed necessary that the period of use is in the morning preferably after a meal, such as breakfast or a snack (up to the 10 o‘clock).


1 l fresh milk, 1 packet of Colostrum Probiotics ESSENS mix, ESSENS yoghurt maker


In a stainless steel container over medium heat, bring the milk to a luke-warm, room temperature – don’t let it exceed 43 ° C., otherwise the probiotic cultures will die. Then, stir in ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics mix and continue stirring.

Use a plastic cover to seal the container; transport it into the main part of the yoghurt maker. Due to the unique PTC heating elements between stainless steel and yoghurt it doesn’t add necessary water! As soon as you turn it on, the process of making yogurt starts.

It takes approximately 8 hours; however, if you let the yogurt cultures work longer you get creamier and thick-flavored yogurt; it all depends on your taste preference. Please do not let the process exceed 12 hours. Yoghurt is ready as soon as the process finishes, as the fermentation is fully completed. You can extend its expiration date when placing yoghurt directly in the refrigerator. The average time frame should not exceed 3 – 5 days.


The expiration date for an unopened mixture is approximately 6 months from the date of production as dated on the package. Keep the mixture stored at 25 ° C and protect it from heat that could possibly initiate activation of bacterial strains.

Why yoghurt from ESSENS?

Our yoghurts are made with only the highest quality components AND without added preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other chemical additives.

Yogurt enriched with ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics features nearly 100 times higher viable bacteria count than the average yogurt sold in stores.

Thanks to the unique ESSENS yoghurt maker you can make bioactive yoghurt anywhere and anytime – in just 8+ hours.

Benefits of bioactive ESSENS yogurt:

Probiotic mixture is intended to supplement lactic acid bacteria found in the digestive tract, which furthermore regulates intestinal microflora that is usually disrupted due to poor diet choices, antibiotic therapy, etc.. Probiotics improves and regulates digestion, prevents the growth of harmful toxic substances and protects the stomach lining and intestines.

Its action helps increase the body’s resistance against possible infections and naturally contributes to an internal metabolic balance and increases the immunity of the organism.

In addition, ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics also help reduce cholesterol in blood; protect against diarrhea, yeast infections, and help the body stabilize blood sugar levels. It also may promote calcium absorption and relieve and lessen lactose intolerance symptoms.Moreover, colostrum contained in the ESSENS probiotic mixture helps support the immune system, regulates digestion and has anti-inflammatory effect.

How to best consume ESSENS yoghurt:

The beneficial effects of probiotics on the human body are mostly visible with long-term and regular consumption.

It is ideal to use yogurt ESSENS plain, but it can be flavored with fruit, muesli, honey and or jam. It tastes excellent in salads and can replace the main ingredient when preparing salad dressing and dips. Moreover, ESSENS yoghurt can be used as a moisturising face mask.

What does 99.5% mean?

By expressing 99.5% of the product name, we refer to the quality and purity of the Aloe Vera gel itself, not to its percentage content of Aloe Vera in the product. This qualitative designation is very important which also helps us to orient across competing products. The rule is that the higher the quality of the Aloe Vera gel, the better the effectiveness of the active substances in the body.

Can I take Aloe Vera ESSENS even with specific medical conditions?

In case of specific medical conditions you should always consult the use of Aloe Vera or any other food supplements with your doctor.

Why is Aloe Vera ESSENS pasteurised?

Pasteurisation ensures that the raw material is microbiologically safe. Our manufacturer uses the method of quick pasteurisation at higher temperatures (HTST – High Temperature Short Time), during which it is heated for the shortest time required for elimination of all the potential bacteria. The temperature in this process, however, is still too low to cause any damage to the beneficial substances and nutrients in the Aloe Vera gel. Pasteurisation is commonly used in the food industry and we eat or drink pasteurised products every day.

Some products on the market are declared to be “cold-pressed/extracted” aloe (the same applies to ESSENS), but the manufacturers remain intentionally quiet about the fact that they do pasteurise it like everyone else. They are just creating an impression that the whole process is cold.

Why does the composition of the product include preservatives?

Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are commonly used safe food preservatives. You can find them in many foodstuffs and nutritional supplements – see for yourself and try to read a few labels. These two preservatives are used to ensure the required shelf life of our Aloe Vera and their use fully complies with all currently valid hygienic and health standards.

What exactly is the Totaloe method?

Our Mexican supplier of the Aloe Vera plant has developed a revolutionary method called Totaloe. This process uses the traditional method as well as latest technologies that allow processing Aloe Vera without losing the beneficial actions of the plant and to transfer them to the final product. The producer of the raw substance states that Aloe Vera gel processed by the Totaloe method contains more nutrients and beneficial components than Aloe Vera gel processed by the traditional hand-cutting method. The quality and content of substances is also influenced by the way the plants are grown and the natural subtropical environment present at our producer’s plantations.

What is micronisation?

Micronisation is a gentle physical method that is used to enhance the biological availability of pharmaceuticals, natural remedies, vitamins and mineral substances. The primary material is gradually micronized to particles measuring several micrometers. This substantially increases the surface of the individual particles, leading to better solubility and absorbability by the body. Micronisation allows for reducing of dosage.

You are recommended to take 15–90 ml per day. Can we take more?

The stated dosage of 15 ml per day (approximately 1 tablespoon) is the minimum recommended dosage and was defined as absolutely safe for most users and situations. It can be increased up to 90 ml in several doses during the day. You can gradually increase your dosage to a value that feels best for you.

Can Aloe Vera ESSENS be used by children under 3 years?

Use of any food supplement by children under 3 years, pregnant and nursing women is not recommended. Please consult your physician.

You are stating that the product is made in BIO quality, what does this mean?

The globally accepted equivalent of BIO is “organic”. It is used to describe crops that were grown in an environmentally-friendly way, i.e. without the use of chemical biocides and that were not genetically modified. The producer of our raw material grows Aloe Vera in this organic way and holds an American USDA Organic certificate.

What about IASC certification of your product?

The producer of the raw material is a member of IASC and his products and crops are IASC certified. This confirms the quality of the raw substances we are using.

Can Aloe Vera be taken by persons with phenylketonuria?

Aloe Vera contains also proteins that include also the phenylalanine amino acid. The content of this amino acid in Aloe Vera ESSENS drinking gel is minimal, but we recommend that people with phenylketonuria should consult its use with their physicians.

How is the Aloe Vera raw material processed?

Aloe is processed using the TOTALOE method, which is a combination of precise manual work (sorting, peeling, etc.) and processing by modern technological equipment. Our Aloe Vera has a transparent origin of the raw material, transparent production, as well as all the certification processes.

What is the packaging of Aloe Vera ESSENS?

The packaging material used for Aloe Vera ESSENS is completely harmless and recyclable plastic. The packaging is very practical, lightweight and space-saving (for travel, in the car, etc.).

Does Essens Aloe Vera products contain parabens?

No, all products of the Essens Aloe Vera range are free of parabens.

Does the Essens Aloe Vera Soft Spray contain alcohol?

No, it is a water-based solution.

It is possible to apply Aloe Vera Soft Spray to inflamed hemorrhoids?

Yes, it is possible, even highly recommended.

Apparently, the quality of Aloe Vera is evaluated according to the content of polysaccharides. How much of them does the Essens Aloe Vera drinking gel contain?

Polysaccharides are just one of the healthful ingredients contained in Aloe, i.e. overall quality is not only given by their content, but also by the overall composition of the product, the way the plants are processed and gel produced. Yes, the content of polysaccharide is very important, and the main role is played by the so-called Acetyl polysaccharide, which significantly affects the immune system and thus affects the overall immunity of the organism.
Generally, the content of polysaccharide is expressed as a ratio of “mg (or g) of carbohydrate per 1 kg of the product” and you will find products in the market containing 5 g / kg up to 40 g / kg.
The polysaccharides contained in the pulp of the Aloe leaf are destroyed during heat treatment.
Our raw material is processed in a cold state, because it then contains the maximum amount of all the desired active substances (including polysaccharides).
The influences on the content of active substances is then also in the percentage of Aloe vera content in the product. Our gels are 99.5%. All this provides a polysaccharide content ranging from 30 to 35 g / kg, which is an above average content.

It is said that contraception clogs veins and thus increases the risk of brain strokes and infarction with women. Does the Essens Aloe Vera gel drink help with cleaning clogged veins?

The Essens Aloe Vera Gel drink with grape juice recipe is designed so that the proportion of concentrated grape (as known, moderate consumption of wine is recommended to unclog blood vessels and improve the overall function of the cardiovascular system) enhances the effects of Aloe. Therefore, the Essens Aloe vera gel drink with grape juice is recommended with the use of hormonal contraception.

How long can Essens Aloe Vera Gel drink be kept after opening, when stored in a refrigerator?

After opening the minimum durability of the Essens Aloe Vera gel drink is 4 weeks when stored at temperatures up to + 6 ° C.

Is it true that the Aloe Vera concentrate with herbal extracts promotes proper operation of the genital organs, or regularity of menses? But how is it before and during pregnancy, can it be risky?

Aloe Vera could be used as a prophylaxis prior to planned pregnancy. But at the time of conception and after pregnancy it is definitely not recommended as with other dietary supplements (excluding multivitamins).

Is it appropriate for children under three years to use the Essens Aloe Vera Toothpaste?

Yes, the toothpaste composition is such that it is suitable for children under three years of age.

Can the Essens Aloe Vera Toothpaste also be used by vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, the toothpaste composition is not of animal origin.

Are the products of the Essens Aloe Vera product line tested on animals?

The products of Essens Aloe Vera are not tested on animals.

Are Slim`SS, Flow`EN and Head`ES products recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Generally speaking, supplements aren’t recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Can Slim`SS product be used for people after suffering a heart attack?

Not right after suffering from a heart attack. Wait at least a month. The product has a moderate blood thinning effect, which is beneficial especially after suffering from a heart attack.

Is it possible to combine Slim`SS with warfarin (a blood thinner)?

This combination is a must to try as regular consumption may help reduce long-term intake of blood-thinning Warfarin.

It is recommended to use Flow`EN product while traveling?


It is possible to take Flow`EN product as prevention?

Yes. Thanks to chestnut extract it can be taken as an accompanying effect that supports cough expectoration.

What about diabetes and Flow`EN product?

It can be used without problems.

What medication isn’t recommended to use in conjunction with Slim`SS product?

Cardiovascular problems with blood thinners – Slim`SS product supports the effects of drugs on blood thinners. In hypertension – does not matter.

Are you planning products for parasites?

Not at this time.

Can Flow`EN product act against large varicose veins?

Yes, but the effect may appear only after prolonged use, apply here as for the 3-month treatment Slim`SS.

Can I use Head`ES as prevention?

Yes. Especially when you feel a migraine headache, take 2-3 pills.

Can Slim`SS, Flow`EN and Head`ES products be used in Crohn`s disease and ulcerative colitis?

Yes, it can.

Do the products of Essens Home Pharmacy include gluten?

Not, all the products of Essens Home Pharmacy are belong to gluten-free products.

Can Flow’EN have an effect in reducing blood cholesterol?

Yes, Flow’EN is appropriate with a slight increase of cholesterol in blood. We recommend regular use for two months and to also adjust one’s diet (no butter, just olive or canola oil, fish consumption is suitable).

Can Flow`EN help against problems with hemorrhoids?

Yes, hemorrhoids are the second most important indications for using the Flow`EN tablets. According to the severity of the problem, we recommend application of one to three months, and then the level in the body should be stabilised. If the problem persists, therapy should be restarted and these cycles repeated.

I started taking Flow’EN and I found that I lose much less hair. It is possible that this is due Flow’EN?

Yes, professional literature really does attribute the application of aescin and chestnut extracts to successful hair loss reduction.

Can Flow’EN be used by those who have already visibly “bumpy” varicose veins?

In this case it is possible to achieve an improved condition by applying Flow’EN 2 – 3 times a day. Fibrinolysis is however not complete.

May Flow’EN also be used by pregnant women who suffer from swelling in the legs?

No, this product is not appropriate for pregnant women (and generally all commercially available supplements except vitamins).

Why is it recommended to take Flow’EN at night?

Blood clotting is greatest at night, and for this reason it is more effective to use it in the evening.


It is a synbiotic, i.e. a product combining prebiotics and probiotics, whose effect is based on synergy, i.e. interaction, where the resulting effect is many times higher than the sum of the effects of individual components.

What are synbiotics suitable for?

The use of synbiotics is very appropriate in cases where intestinal imbalance occurs, for example after taking antibiotics.
But the suitability for use is much wider, because 70% of the immune system is hidden in the digestive tract. There are over a trillion bacteria in a human organism, where an average of 1 – 1.5 kg in human intestines.
This so-called microbiome manages and controls our lives much more than we would be willing to admit. It fundamentally controls immunity, obesity and psyche, and is also related to many diseases.
Synbiotics have a very positive impact on the human organism, they eliminate a number of hostile bacteria and optimally regulate a number of friendly ones.

Who is taking synbiotics?

Their regular use is appropriate across all generations. In general, food supplements are not recommended for children under the age of 3 years of age, pregnant and breast-feeding women. In some cases, the doctor may recommend the administration of synbiotics to this group of people. Especially for pregnant women, doctors often recommend the use of synbiotics because they consider them as safe.

What probiotic strains does ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps contain?

Lactobacillus acidophilus LA14, Lactobacillus acidophilus NT, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus hard biofilm, Lactobacillus reuterii, Lactobacillus sporognes, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium lactis HN019, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium animalis, Bifidobacterium infantis,Bifidobacterium lactis Bi07

Why 16 strains of probiotic cultures and why these ones?

The strains were carefully selected according to the studies so as to maximally cover the function of a healthy human microbiome. The number of friendly bacteria decreases in the body with increasing age due to the use of medication, antibiotics or inappropriate diet. Synbiotics provide an increase in natural microflora, especially lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, into the organism, which leads to optimal absorption of healthy substances from the diet and thus a positive and proven effect.

Why 35 billion probiotic bacteria?

High CFU (the amount of micro-organisms at the time of manufacture and during abiding storage conditions) in the amount of 35 billion probiotic bacteria per one capsule was based on experience in the most effective and best tolerated therapeutic dosage.

What effect can the use of synbiotics have on the organism?

Regular use of synbiotics can have a very positive effect on the regulation of body weight control, digestive tract, incl. intestinal inflammation, skin diseases incl. atopic dermatitis, also supports the immune system, has a positive effect on the occurrence of allergies and autoimmune diseases, and contributes to mental functions, i.e. it can have a positive effect on mood and depression. Synbiotics have a positive effect on the vascular system and have a detoxifying effect.

Is 1 capsule a day enough?

Dosage of 1 capsule a day (in the morning before eating with sufficient amount of lukewarm liquid) is quite sufficient because probiotic cultures, thanks to FOS prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides) and GOS (galactooligosaccharides) and PROBIOFIX (fixative component that keeps probiotic bacteria on the intestinal mucosa), get through to the intestine, where their effectiveness is expected. For maximum effect, long-term, not multiple, is recommended. Exceeding the recommended daily dosage may in some cases cause intestinal problems and diarrhoea. Higher dosage than recommended is therefore counterproductive.

Why do other companies often recommend higher dosage?

This is due to the fact that their probiotic dosage is lower or its effectiveness is lost on the way to the intestine mucous. ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps is marketed in a monthly package of 30 capsules. With a higher number of capsules, the closure of the bottle would be repeatedly reopened and there would be a risk of reducing the number of live probiotic cultures.

Does the capsule affect the quality of the product?

Yes, it is a special capsule that protects the contents in the digestive tract from low pH and thus prolongs the stability of live cultures up to the colon. This makes ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps one of the most effective synbiotics on the world market.

Why is it packed in aluminum?

There is nothing to worry about. It is a high-quality aluminium dose of pharmaceutical grade, the inner part of which is treated with a special lacquer approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The dose ensures maximum protection of probiotic cultures from atmospheric moisture, light and oxygen. It contributes significantly to increasing product stability. The lid of the dispenser contains the so-called desiccant packet, which absorbs moisture within the container, creating a unique, highly stable environment inside. In this way, bacteria are protected and kept in a “hibernated” state until they reach the
organism. Thanks to this, the product does not need to be stored in the fridge, room temperature is quite adequate.


Attachment of probiotic bacteria to the intestinal mucosa is a basic condition for their effect. This can be provided by a completely unique component called PROBIOFIX, which is not being offered by rival companies.
It is a patented ingredient, thanks to which probiotic bacteria have a high adhesion to the intestinal mucosa.
Thanks to this, there is up to 100% efficiency and efficiency in absorbing health benefits into the body. Without probiofix, probiotic cultures are unable to capture the intestinal mucosa and, therefore, with a very limited effect, passes through the digestive tract from the body out.

What are FOS and GOS?

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and galactooligosaccharides (GOS) are prebiotics. They are highly resistant to hydrolysis in the gastrointestinal tract and in the colon they greatly support the growth of probiotic cultures, particularly friendly bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. In combination with probiotics, its use is quite exceptional and very positive.
FOS, i.e. fructooligosaccharides, is isolated from chicory and is among the best studied components of soluble prebiotic fiber.
GOS, i.e. galactooligosaccharides, are enzymatically produced from lactose. In any case, they are not allergenic, i.e. they do not cause an allergic reaction in patients suffering from lactose intolerance.
GOSs are generally the most potent prebiotics that commonly promote breastfeeding in human breast and
significantly interfere with the proper function of immunity. Thanks to GOS, a small child has up to 90% of the microflora in the intestines, formed by bifidobacterias and lactobacilli.

Why does ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps contain vitamin C?

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and protects bacteria from oxidative stress, which increases the stability of probiotics. At the same time, we use synergies with the immune system because it contributes to normal energy metabolism and promotes the body`s immune system.

Why is Lactobacillus Bulgaricus not in the composition?

Nowadays, it is not valid anymore that Lactobacillus bulgaricus is considered a “golden grail” among probiotics. Now it is Lactobacillus rhmnosus GG, which in contrast is in ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps. Lactobacillus bulgaricus belongs to a group of strains that were found in fermented milk products and was widely promoted in the past. Nowadays, standard capsule dairy cultures are no longer used in capsule probiotics. Modern scientific knowledge has leaned completely against the strains of lactobacilli and bifidobacilli isolated from humans. Lactobacillus bulgaricus certainly finds its rich use in probiotic dairy
products such as ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics.

an ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps be used by milk allergy sufferers, people with lactose intolerance or histamine intolerance and celiac disease?

Capsules do not contain lactose or gluten and are completely biodegradable. It is recommended also to those with milk allergy, lactose and celiac intolerance. The cultures contained in the capsules were specially selected from strains that degrade biogenic amines and reduce allergic reactions. On the other hand, it should be noted that due to the high variability of allergens, there is always a small part of the population that simply does not help with histamine intolerance in the probiotics and does not diminish the reaction.

Are any contraindications with food supplements, medications or illness known?

Contraindications to commonly used drug groups or dietary supplements are not known. On the contrary, synbiotics could increase the bioavailability of lactoferrin and colostrum. Consultation with the attending physician is recommended with the use of immunosuppressants and during chemotherapy. Also, current European legislation regulating food supplements does not allow ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps to be recommended for use in children under 3 years of age, pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Has ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps been tested on animals?

No, it was not.

Is it possible to administer ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps to animals?

ESSENS products are primarily intended for humans and their effects on animals have not been tested. The ingredients of ESSYNBIO is listed on the product and in the eshop, so we recommend consulting a veterinarian, who will recommend the dosage of the animal or not.

Is the ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps suitable for vegans?

No it is not.

It is advisable to take synbiotics with antibiotics or after treatment.

ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps can be taken at the same time as antibiotics, it is generally advisable to take at least 3 hours after taking antibiotics.

Is it true that probiotic strains can destroy each other?

These theories have never been scientifically substantiated, so there is not enough evidence. With ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps, we guarantee the stability and number of probiotic bacteria.

Is it possible to use ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps to make yoghurts?

No, this product is not intended for the production of homemade yoghurts, we have ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics for yoghurts.

Is ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps biodegradable (naturally degradable)?

Yes, totally and completely.

Does ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps need to be stored in the refrigerator?

No, thanks to the special packaging and the desiccant lid, room temperature is sufficient.

Can ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps be used longterm?

Definitely yes, long-term use is appropriate.

Is there a risk of overdose with ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps?

If the dose is significantly exceeded (eg 10 capsules), there is a maximum risk of diarrhea.

What is the difference between synbiotics and antibiotics?

Antibiotics destroy the microflora, destroy it. Synbiotics restore, support and heal the microflora.

What is monolaurin?

Monolaurin is a pure lipid extract derived from coconut oil. In addition to the natural occurrence in coconut oil (up to 47%), it is also present in breast milk. Many scientific researches have been carried out in the last two decades due to the very positive effects, where experts have examined possible applications in the food, cosmetics and medicine sectors.

How does monolaurin work?

Monolaurin inactivates the lipid envelope of the virus, thereby preventing its penetration into host cells and thereby preventing infection. Further studies show that monolaurin acts against many pathogenic bacteria. It penetrates the cell membrane of the microorganism and causes their destruction.

What are the effects of monolaurin in the human body?

The potential benefits of monolaurin stem from its immune, antibacterial, antifungal, and above all antiviral properties. These benefits include the prevention and treatment of common cold, influenza, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, bacterial and fungal infections, and last but not least, health problems with viral roots.

What was the focus of the world´s research and monolaurin testing and what results were shown?

Monolaurin has been tested on bacteria E. coli , yeast, including Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), Giardia lamblia, Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and also human coronaviruses, with very positive results. Monolaurin has also shown antibacterial and anti-biofilm properties against Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii, a causative agent of a multisystemic disease called Lyme Disease transmitted by ticks.

Why did the development of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium started?

Our goal was to develop a food supplement that would have antiviral effects in the human body.

How was ESSENS Monolaurin Premium developed?

An important source of information was foreign studies, which have been ongoing since the 1960s and describe in detail all the properties and positive effects of monolaurin. The development lasted three years and was funded by a grant, which carried out long-term testing “in vitro”, i.e. in the laboratory, and managed to create a self-emitting form ensuring maximum bioavailability in the body (i.e. that the entire amount is absorbed in the body). We have patented this completely unique form of monolaurin on the market.

When and where was the patent registered?

The unique form of the monolaurin is protected by the so-called small patent, Utility Model No. 33 526, registered at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic on September 3, 2019.

Monolaurin is not very common on the market. Why?

In order for the ingredient to be effective in the body, it is necessary to administer relatively high doses, at least 6 g per day. This problem has been solved thanks to long-term development and the creation of a patented self-emulsifying form. Another factor why monolaurin is not common on the market is its unpleasant taste and also complications in the development of the dosage form.

Is the content of 350 mg of monolaurin in the capsule sufficient?

Each capsule of ESSENS Monolarin Premium contains almost 350 mg of monolaurin, which is enough to achieve an antiviral effect when two capsules are consumed daily. The self-emulsifying form ensures that up to 100% of the administered monolaurin is absorbed into the body.
While monolaurin formulations available on the market contain so-called native monolaurin, which is very poorly soluble and thus its bioavailability is hampered.This means that even a very high content of monolaurin from competing manufacturers does not get into the body, up to 90%. The only solution would be increased dosage, e.g. 10-15 capsules per day, but this is already difficult for users and certainly expensive.

Is monolaurin safe?

Yes, monolaurin is categorised as a safe ingredient.

When is ESSENS Monolaurin Premium recommended?

Monolaurin has a preventive effect and should reduce the risk of viral infections, in the event of an outbreak it should ensure a smoother progress.

When is it recommended to take ESSENS ANTI-V MIX?

The use of Anti-V Mix is recommended for closer contact with the viral disease, because the combination of several food supplements affects the body in certain areas. The risk of the disease is not completely suppressed, but it will decrease significantly and in the event of an outbreak, it should ensure a smoother progress.

What is the recommended dosage of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium for children?

In general, food supplements are not intended for children under three years of age. It is suitable to give half a dose to older children, the capsules can be emptied and added to food or lukewarm drinks.

What is the difference between lactoferrin and monolaurin?

These are completely different substances with different interventions in the body. Lactoferrin is a multifunctional protein and has a wide range of activity in the body. Monolaurin is an extract obtained from coconut oil, it has a primary antiviral effect, inactivating the lipid envelope of the virus, preventing it from entering the host cells and thus preventing infection.

Do ESSENS Monolaurin Premium and ESSENS Anti-V Mix have side effects?

They were not found.

Are there contraindications to the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium and ESSENS Anti-V Mix?

There is no contraindication known , food supplements can be taken by anyone. In case of specific health problems, we recommend consulting the attending physician.

What is the recommended time for taking ESSENS Monolaurin Premium?

If it is used preventively, it is advisable to follow a 3-month treatment and then 1 month omit. In case that the use is during a disease, It is advised to take until the cure is finished.

Is ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for vegans?


Is ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for coeliacs?


Has ESSENS Monolaurin Premium been tested on animals?


Can ESSENS Monolaurin Premium be used by people with cardiovascular disease?

Yes, cardiovascular disease is not a contraindication. The same goes for ESSENS Antiviral Mix.

Is the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for people with hyperlipidemia?

Yes, it is possible, the administration of monolaurin is transient, so the benefits far outweigh the potential effects on the body.

Is the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for people with thyroid disease?

Yes No problem.

Is it appropriate to use ESSENS Monolaurin Premium for people with diabetes?

Yes, no side effects were found.

Is the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium appropriate in case of cancer or ongoing chemotherapy?

Yes, it should be with no restrictions.

Can people after transplantation or during immunosuppressive treatment also be taking ESSENS Monolaurin Premium?

Yes, the use of Monolaurin is possible. We do not recommend using ESSENS Anti-V Mix.

Can ESSENS Monolaurin Premium be used by people with autoimmune diseases?


Is taking ESSENS Monolaurin Premium and also ESSENS Anti-V Mix suitable for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or gout?

Yes, use is possible without restrictions.