In a stainless steel container over medium heat, bring the milk to a luke-warm, room temperature – don’t let it exceed 43 ° C., otherwise the probiotic cultures will die. Then, stir in ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics mix and continue stirring.

Use a plastic cover to seal the container; transport it into the main part of the yoghurt maker. Due to the unique PTC heating elements between stainless steel and yoghurt it doesn’t add necessary water! As soon as you turn it on, the process of making yogurt starts.

It takes approximately 8 hours; however, if you let the yogurt cultures work longer you get creamier and thick-flavored yogurt; it all depends on your taste preference. Please do not let the process exceed 12 hours. Yoghurt is ready as soon as the process finishes, as the fermentation is fully completed. You can extend its expiration date when placing yoghurt directly in the refrigerator. The average time frame should not exceed 3 – 5 days.