How is it with certification of ESSENS Colostrum products?

To properly understand the certification processes with food supplements such as capsules with colostrum or gels for drinking with Aloe Vera, it is necessary to know that there are two levels of certification.
– First, there is certification of raw materials (colostrum, Aloe Vera gel – juice), this being absolutely crucial and most important.
– Secondly, there is certification of the product itself, where in many cases it is possible to obtain this certification, without the product being produced from perfect and quality ingredients. In case competitive companies present certification of their final product issued by a private certification company, it does not mean that the initial raw materials are high quality and this even fails to prove the source of raw materials.
Our production is covered by the company Ingredia, which, in the production of colostrum, is an exclusive partner of the company Ekomilk which in turn is the only producer of colostrum in the Czech Republic that holds the identification of manufacturers (CZ 704) managed in each EU country by its relevant ministry of agriculture, being a non-commercial independent institution (certification cannot be bought). It is thus identification administered by the European Union, where the holder is registered in the whole European system of legal entities subject to quality control, manufacturing and technological processes with regular check-ups and continuous monitoring. Ingredia, in the production of colostrum, is also the exclusive partner of the company Favea which in turn, as a pharmaceutical company (producer of pharmaceuticals), is GMP certified under the auspices of WHO – World Health Organization and HACCP – Hazard Analysis and determination of Critical Control Points under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of Czech Republic in accordance with EU directives.
Our final product ESSENS Colostrum is registered and certified under the Ministry of Agriculture of Czech Republic. This certification clearly and officially declares the composition of the product especially IgG content. The production process of ESSENS Colostrum is under continuous inspection by the Veterinary Services and the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority.