Benefits of bioactive ESSENS yogurt:

Probiotic mixture is intended to supplement lactic acid bacteria found in the digestive tract, which furthermore regulates intestinal microflora that is usually disrupted due to poor diet choices, antibiotic therapy, etc.. Probiotics improves and regulates digestion, prevents the growth of harmful toxic substances and protects the stomach lining and intestines.

Its action helps increase the body’s resistance against possible infections and naturally contributes to an internal metabolic balance and increases the immunity of the organism.

In addition, ESSENS Colostrum Probiotics also help reduce cholesterol in blood; protect against diarrhea, yeast infections, and help the body stabilize blood sugar levels. It also may promote calcium absorption and relieve and lessen lactose intolerance symptoms.Moreover, colostrum contained in the ESSENS probiotic mixture helps support the immune system, regulates digestion and has anti-inflammatory effect.