16 Unique ways to use toothpaste

16 unique ways to use toothpaste besides brushing your teeth.

These unusual ways to use regular toothpaste can save you both money and time. And also space, because jars and tubes of various detergents can no longer be bought.

1. Helps relieve irritation from mosquito bites and other insects. Also relieves pain from minor burns without open wounds.

2. Treats acne by speeding up healing. Just dab some of the paste on the pimples and leave it on overnight.

3. It will whiten nails, clean them of varnish residues. Use a regular paste and brush.

4. Gel toothpaste will replace the hair fixing gel if yours suddenly runs out.

5. Use the paste to easily get rid of unpleasant hand odors. Just wash your palms with the paste.

6. The paste can remove stains from carpets and clothing. Just be careful with colored clothing. Whitening pastes may produce fading if rubbed vigorously.

7. Clean the white sole of the sneakers.

8. Cleans walls from markers and pens.

9. After brushing with toothpaste, the silver will shine again!

10. If after dyeing your hair the dye gets on your skin and leaves a mark, rub it with toothpaste.

11.Use paste to clean the surface of the iron.

12. Swimming goggles will not fog up if they are smeared with a paste and then washed off.

13. Toothpaste will also deal with ink stains.

14. Car headlights will shine if wiped with a cloth and toothpaste.

15. Chrome-plated items can be cleaned of stains with a paste, such as taps, sink drains, even chrome rims.

16. The paste will remove water stains on wooden furniture.

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