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In spring of 2016 we presented a unique product series ESSENS Sun Care on the market. It is destined to all who want to protect themselves from the sun radiation or to reach a quality tan.

Products containing aloe vera extract protect from the origin of skin diseases and tan wrinkles. Our sun creams contain filters against UVA and UVB radiation. Thanks to their composition the products support a good quality and healthy tan and at the same time they give needed hydratation to skin. Moreover, our sun creams contain anti adhesive components, which the sand, clothes and water do not adhere to.

Among the product series ESSENS Sun Care, together with the sun creams with high SPF, gel before sunbathing and milk after sunbathing, our unique food supplement ESSENS Before Sun Care Tablets belongs. It is a purely natural product which helps prepare skin for sun and at the same time it effectively supports reaching bronze tan and lengthens its durability.


Sun Care

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