Product line Nutriessens

In 2018, we presented a unique product line – Nutriessens, which focuses on food supplements in the form of delicious gels with fruit flavour.

Behind the product development is the ESSENS Scientific Board team, made up of experts and pharmacists, who have been in the industry for many years and who presenting their valuable insights in professional publications around the world. The food supplements were developed and are being manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision in the Czech Republic, in compliance with the strictest EU rules and standards. Production is subject to GMP and HACCP certification.

Delicious gels are packed in an accurate 50g per day dosages in separate practical sachets that allow not only immediate consumption, but also the consumption can be spread over a longer period of time thanks to a sealing cap. The efficiency of these high-quality components ensures their mutual synergy, their maximum utilization in the body and the product thus ranks among the top in the world market. The high bioavailability of the ingredients used is achieved by modern technological processing and guarantees maximum usable efficiency in the body. The active substances are obtained exclusively from natural sources without the use of chemically prepared raw materials. Only raw materials of the highest possible quality are used for production. The product does not contain gluten, lactose or artificial dyes.

The product line has three unique products in its portfolio:

ESSENS Lift-Up: gives the energy in the morning needed to start the central nervous system
ESSENS Chill-Out: helps to calm the body in the evening, relaxes the mind and relieves the feeling of exhaustion
ESSENS Collagen + ESSENS Collagen FISH: supports the skin elasticity, skin nourishment and has positive effect on the quality of hair and nails



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